WinterWyman Search Annual Software & IT Salary Reports Show High Demand, High Salary Growth, but Significant Differences by Job Functions

Within IT alone, salaries range from 25-percent increase for Business Analyst to 11-percent decrease for Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence

WALTHAM, Mass. (Sept. 28, 2017) — WinterWyman Search, one of the Northeast’s premier talent acquisition firms, today released its annual Greater Boston Software and IT Salary Reports, which show high overall demand and salary growth, but significant differences based on job functions.

Salaries in Software increased 8 percent over the last two years, while those in IT increased by 10 percent. While variance by job function within Software was relatively muted, variance was significant in IT - ranging from a 25-percent increase for Business Analysts to an 11-percent decline for Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence (BI).

“These markets continue to be hot, with great talent in high demand and commanding higher salaries,” said Bob Boudreau, CEO of WinterWyman. “It’s important, particularly in this market, for candidates and for employers to really understand the landscape. Our teams are dedicated to providing clients and candidates with the most up to date salary, skillset and employment trends.”

Key findings from the reports include:

·         Within software

o   Salaries for data engineers increased 6 percent, software engineers 8 percent and Web UI Developers 10 percent

o   Job demand remains strong, with the biggest jumps coming at the individual-language level in the front and back end. In the past year, front-end developer demand for React leads at 48 percent followed by a steady rise in Multiple frameworks at 26 percent. On the back-end Java leads in demand at 37 percent.

·         Within IT

o   Salaries for Business Analysts increased 25 percent, Network Engineers 20 percent, Management 11 percent and DevOps Engineers 1 percent. Data Warehouse / BI, meanwhile, decreased 11 percent.

o   Job demand has seen in the past year Data Warehouse / BI lead at 25 percent, followed by DevOps Engineers and Business Systems Analyst at 21 percent, and Network Engineers at 15 percent.

WinterWyman Search’s annual salary report is derived from data on the company’s placement of more than 1,000 individuals.

The full software and IT salary reports are available for download:

WinterWyman Information Technology Search Salary Report

WinterWyman Software Technology Search’s Salary Report

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