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Four Interview Flubs and How to Fix Them for Next Time

Have you ever wanted to get an interview redo, a meeting mulligan? Unlike the advice you get from tech support you can't reboot a bad interview. The best advice is to learn from your mistakes and do things differently moving forward. Here are some thoughts on four common interview flubs and how to avoid them next time.

Frustrated in your Job? Here are Five Tips for Trying to Make it Work at Work

We all have bad days; you don't want to make a career decision based on one. If things aren’t going well at work, here are five things to try before deciding to leave.

WATCH: How to Work with Your Recruiter

Sean Wahl, Partner / Manager with WinterWyman's Finance & Administrative division, offers helpful tips for working with your recruiter in this short video.

Successful Interviewing for Temporary Jobs

You’ve decided to apply for temporary work. Maybe you’re ready for a change, like the idea of trying something new every few months, want a new challenge, or just can’t find the right permanent job.

Eight Ways Programmers Can Stay Relevant

To stay competitive, remain attractive to employers and become experts in their field, programmers need to select and work on a few key growth areas. Here are eight ways to stay sharp while expanding your skills and marketability.

Top Ten Reasons to Work at WinterWyman

If you're looking for a company that values integrity and teamwork while having a commitment to excellence and social responsibility, WinterWyman may be just the place for you. We love working here - want to know why?

Contract Professionals! Is Two-Weeks' Notice Really Required?

Like full-time professionals, if you are a contractor leaving for a new position or you’re unhappy with your current role, it’s still important to give proper notice. If the company decides to let you go immediately, that’s their choice, but you have done the right thing and can leave with your head held high.

Five Steps to Handling a Mistake at Work (and Making It Work For You)

Just like in life, a failure at work does not need to be the end of the world or the end of your career. While it may be difficult in the moment, try to step back and view it as an opportunity.

Resume Dos and Don'ts [Infographic]

Branding yourself to recruiters and hiring managers who spend an average of six seconds reviewing a resume before deciding if a phone call is worth it is a tough task. Correct formatting, using the right key words and identifying your achievements are among the top dos for resume writing. See the infographic below for helpful tips and tricks to get your resume seen and read instead of landing in the “no” pile!

Are You a Software Engineer? If so, it’s a Great Time for Your Career!

The market demand for software engineers is still hot as we head into the summer. Here are the software areas I predict will dominate through the remainder of 2015:


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