Jane E. Alexander

Meet Jane E. Alexander

Jane E. Alexander

Staffing Manager
Accounting, Finance & Administrative Contract Staffing
New York & New Jersey





A Little About Me

The one piece of advice I always give to employers or job seekers is: 

Do your homework! Never go to an interview without having first researched the company and the role you are applying for. 

The biggest mistake I see employers or job seekers make is: 

They don’t ask enough GOOD questions. Asking thoughtful questions shows that you’re not only prepared but very interested in the role as well.

The favorite part of my job is: 

Getting to know our candidates and being a resource for them during their assignments.

My personal interests are: 

I love being on the water and going to the beach! 


"Jane Alexander was always there ready and able to help me with any issues I had." - Karen K.
"WinterWyman (Jane Alexander and the rest of the team) is an exceptional organization. It's always a pleasant experience working with them." - Andrea S.
"Jane Alexander always kept me in mind when a new position became available that she thought I may like. I always heard from her." - Angerine N.
"Jane Alexander has been so helpful and true to her word on calls and responding back. She stayed on top of things and always let me know what was going on." - Renota W.
"Jane Alexander helped me to figure out what I wanted to do in my career! Jane was a great mentor and helped prepare me for interviews. She was always there to talk to during my … Read more