posted on March 24th, 2011
Searching for the right software engineering job involves potential risk and reward. Even the savviest job search veterans need to first evaluate their own needs and then investigate their potential employers with a healthy level of scrutiny. This is true particularly for start-ups. Let me share with you five questions everyone should ask themselves before joining a start-up.
posted on March 15th, 2011
Saying thank you is an important part of the interview process. You are thanking your interviewer for being gracious with their time and considering you for an important role in their organization. Thank you note mistakes can ruin your chances to get that next job. Let’s take a look at some thank you note essentials.
posted on March 14th, 2011
Human resources professionals have all had the conversation: do we or don’t we use a staffing firm? There are a lot of channels to recruit candidates, but there are three major reasons why a staffing firm may be the best way to target your time and resources.
posted on March 9th, 2011
You hear bad economic news everywhere. Unemployment is high. Economists forecast weak growth. Pessimism abounds. Beyond the numbers, you draw on your personal experience. You saw people let go during the recession. You feel fortunate to have a job. The best move is to stay in your stable job, right? Maybe not. For engineers and other technologists, the perception of a down market does not match the reality of an incredibly active technology market in New York City.