posted on January 23rd, 2011
You lost your job. It is, by necessity, a change moment in your life. Many people are tempted to “take time off” to evaluate their lives and determine what direction they should be taking. Sometimes, a little introspection can be healthy; however, I wouldn’t recommend introspection over starting your job search. Let me share with you three big reasons why taking time off before revving up the job search is a mistake.
posted on January 20th, 2011

You are a good candidate caught in a difficult employment market. You do all the right things. You work closely with your recruiter, network with your connections, and respond to open positions like a hawk. Your recruiter calls to discuss a contract financial analyst position in New York. No thanks. You are focused on finding the best permanent position.

posted on January 16th, 2011

You’ve been searching for a new job for several months. You have great skills and experience. You get interviews, but you haven’t landed a position yet. So, you decide it’s time to talk to a recruiter. This can be a great choice for you if you’re open to following three simple rules that will help your recruiter get your job search back on track.

posted on January 12th, 2011
Being out of work for an extended period of time can be very difficult. Some job candidates let the pressure get the best of them. Whether it has been six months, a year, or longer, use these ten tips to help yourself get back on track.