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Your Job Search: Trust a Recruiter or a Job Board?

Unlike Job Postings, Recruiters Create a Valuable Relationship

It seems like the whole world is creating more intertwined relationships. Take social media, for example. Facebook, Twitter, Path, and LinkedIn offer users the ability to create and invigorate relationships personally and professionally. The key is your own customization. You decide what relationships to form and why and then jump in or out of them depending on your own needs and goals. All of this makes the contrast between job boards and recruiters more and more curious.

Job boards list job postings. You search impersonal job postings and perhaps submit your resume. It’s a one-way street. You have submitted your personal information and maybe you will get a call. Maybe you won’t. Who knows exactly what happens to your information? Now consider working with a recruiter.

A good recruiter doesn’t start by talking about your next job. We ask thought provoking questions about your career and goals. What is your level of job satisfaction? What percentage happy are you? Do you want to be challenged or pursue a more comfortable fit? Do you think that your choices reflect your long term and short term career goals?

Recruiters ask these questions to find the job that best aligns with your career goals. It also avoids blasting your resume out everywhere or sending you 15 jobs that don’t really work. Beyond better targeting, a good recruiter is a career advisor now and in the future. Our job is to advise you on companies, career paths, emerging trends, market updates, and more.

It’s funny, there is more information available than ever but there remains a shortage of expertise and good advice. A job board isn’t advising you, but a good recruiter should. A job board gives you an announcement that a position may be open, while a recruiter is on the phone with the person in charge of hiring. Basically, job boards are the old newspaper classifieds with the downside of having to send your personal information online to apply. Recruiters offer a different way.

Recruiting is a people business. Good recruiters guide you through a job search and, in the process, get to know you. They should genuinely care about you, your goals, and your family. It should be a really good, long-term, healthy relationship. Job boards may seem easy and convenient, but they don’t offer the benefits of a positive, personal relationship with a career expert.

Photo Credit: CNN