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What Makes an Outstanding Staffing Firm?

What to Look for When Assessing a Staffing Firm

The right staffing firm is a valuable asset to your team. The wrong staffing firm can be an impediment to finding and landing top talent. Nobody wants an agency that requires a great deal of oversight and hand-holding. This type of relationship could be more of a curse than a blessing as you spend time sorting through candidates that aren’t right, or chasing down your contact to get updates on the search. Here are10 questions to ask to determine whether a staffing firm is truly outstanding.

What is Their Reputation? The best staffing firms have great reputations with clients and candidates alike. Look for a high-quality reputation.

What About Longevity? You want a staffing agency that has been around for a long time, with a staff of professionals who are committed to what they do. It takes time to build relationships with your staffing partner, and you want to make sure they are around for your next search. Choose an established firm that will be in existence in the long term.

Are Your Values Aligned? An outstanding firm has values and integrity.They do business the right way, being straightforward and honest in their interchange of facts.

Do They Understand Your Needs? The best firms have the ability to truly understand what you need, and can align the candidates with your needs; find an agency that can pin-point accurately what it is you are looking for.

Do the Recruiters Have the Right Experience? See whether the people working on your assignments know what they are doing. In choosing an exceptional firm, look at how much time they have in the business, and make sure they have a strong, local network of candidates.

Are They Focused on You? A firm must have the ability to focus on your assignments. Lots of firms try to be everything to everybody, which makes it difficult to be focused on your specific needs. The right firm will be focused on helping you achieve your goals.

Are They Your Partner? Your staffing firm needs to be your partner. They need to be more interested in making a good match and building long-term relationships than making an individual deal.

Do They Offer Contract and Permanent Placements? Both contract and permanent staffing solutions have a place in your staffing strategy and search process. Contracting can offer an excellent short term fix when you need help quickly, while a permanent placement provides a longer term solution and investment. Partner with firms that specialize and perform well in perm or contract staffing. If you can find one that does both - all the better.

Do They Produce Hard-to-Find Talent? The best candidates are not necessarily the most easily accessed; oftentimes they are passive candidates. The best staffing partners can gently persuade the passive candidate into the arms of a client.

What Are the Results? At the end of the day, it’s about results. Can the staffing partner deliver the better candidate to you, and then help you get that candidate to join your team - all at a fair and reasonable cost to your staffing budget?

Your relationship with a staffing firm is critical. Interested in a staffing firm? These questions can help you find an outstanding one. Have a staffing firm? Use these questions to evaluate whether yours is truly servicing your needs.