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VIDEO: Why Work With WinterWyman?

WinterWyman's Melissa Cappas Masse and Scott Ragusa explain why WinterWyman is an exceptional recruitment firm to work with and how it separates itself from other firms in the area. Watch this video to learn more about why you should consider working with WinterWyman.


Melissa Cappas Masse, Managing Director, WinterWyman Staffing, Technology

We see ourselves as an extension of a client organization. We really try and get in their head and figure out what their culture is like and try and really make that match strong. A lot of other companies don't do that. They just see a search, they try to fill it, and they move on.

Scott Ragusa, President, Search and Staffing

The average tenure at WinterWyman is eight plus years. So when I walk the hallways, half the people I walk by have been there ten, twelve, thirteen years. That adds a lot of depth of knowledge in the marketplace as well as the ability to solve the problems because they have seen that problem before. So yes, we have newer people and we have more established people and a lot of people in between. But if someone who is newer to a problem needs help, the person they are asking has been through two recessions and six presidents. It really adds a lot of value to that situation.

Melissa Cappas Masse

There are a lot of staffing firms out there, but the people that we have here are dedicated and really have a lot of integrity and work very hard at what they do.

We really get to know our clients. We are very specialized, and as a result, we have a really deep focus. So when a client comes to us looking for help, the person that they are working with is pretty much an expert in that field. So they know who's out there, they know how to approach that search, and most likely they have worked on that type of search before. We don't try and be everything to everyone, and because we have that focus, we are able to provide a higher level of service.

Scott Ragusa

I think what separates WinterWyman from many of our competitors is how much we care about each other and about what we do. The staffing business can be very challenging, but you have to remember it is about people. I think that's what we try and do every day.