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VIDEO: Tips for Working with a Staffing Firm

Hundreds of companies benefit from working with staffing firms each year.  They utilize resources better, receive more qualified candidates, and discover greater talent that stay with them for longer and improve their business.  Scott Ragusa, President of Search and Staffing at WinterWyman, shares his advice for clients starting a relationship with a staffing firm.

Scott has been with WinterWyman for more than 12 years, and he possesses a bevy of experience in the staffing industry.  He understands the client-firm relationship, and he knows how to create the best staffing results for clients.  His tips in the following video cover the foundation for a strong relationship between a client and a recruiting firm, as well as how to maintain a good connection between the company and recruiters.  These guidelines highlight the manner in which WinterWyman staffers work, and they show why WinterWyman is the Northeast's largest staffing firm.


I think, like any relationship, as many questions as we ask them they should ask us. I find it interesting, sometimes I will meet with a client and they won't have any questions for us. I think what that means to me is that they assume we do it exactly the way the last five people they spoke to does it. That's not the reality of it. So I think that by approaching us and asking us how we would do it.

I think the same advice I would give to myself or someone internally is just to continually be honest and be frank throughout the process. If we are doing something that doesn't work well or does work well, please let us know. We will continue to do the things you like, and we'll stop doing the things you don't like. I think sometimes, in any relationship, especially a business relationship, people hold their thoughts until it gets better or doesn't, and then it is too late sometimes. We are not going to change their process, but we could help make it better and make it more efficient for them.

Photo Credit: RNS Informatics