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VIDEO: Recruiting Industry Trends

The staffing landscape has evolved greatly over the past few years, and industry leaders have adapted their processes similarly in order to maintain superiority.  WinterWyman has remained at the forefront of the staffing industry in the Northeast, and Scott Ragusa, president of the contracts businesses, explains why in the following video.

With the rise of technology and sites such as Monster and CareerBuilder, staffing firms have adjusted their strategies to best use the new resources available to them.  As more and more companies compete to fill the needs of clients, the best firms must consistently provide top-level candidates who fit the job perfectly.  Scott emphasizes this point in the following video, and notes how it occurs in both permanent and contract jobs.  He also takes a look at the advent of job board sites, and what the recruiting industry has done to work with these sites.  His views display how staffing industry leaders such as WinterWyman continue to rise above the competition, whether the competition is another firm or an online job board.


Contract business is more and more becoming a procurement buy or a commodity buy, and it just makes us be better at what we do, because ultimately there will always be a less expensive vendor. No matter what you sell or what you make, there is always someone who can do it cheaper than you can. So we really need to provide a high level of service to earn that business year after year, day after day.

On the permanent placement side, it's very interesting. What is happening is that, because of the technology advancements, some of the more transactional level candidates, maybe the people one or two or three years out of school, those companies can find those people without our help, whereas before they needed our help. So we need to continue to provide, I guess, the same answer, a higher level of service to them so that we can really find people that they can't find on their own.

I remember being in a meeting 16 or 17 years ago with Monster and thinking, "Is this going to replace me? Is this going to replace what I do?" Most of those tools have only made us better at what we do. Instead of us deciding on a Tuesday to run a print ad the following Sunday for a job we got last Thursday, 40 minutes after we have the job order or maybe 4 minutes, we have opportunity to go search databases, find candidates, post the job. So we have really been able to take advantage of the resources.

Photo Credit: Blogging4Jobs