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VIDEO: Linux Systems Administration Industry Trends

The information technology world is continuously changing which in turn changes the nature of computing jobs. Rob Byron, Partner in WinterWyman Search's Information Technology practice, shares his views on the Linux Systems Administration and what Linux Systems Administrators can do to secure a top job in the industry.

Rob shares his thoughts on how Linux Systems Administrators jobs are changing from being a backroom engineer to a liaison between a Cloud vendor and the business. The job requirements are changing and Rob explains that it has become essential to have people skills and the ability to interact with clients.  Rob Byron's expertise in the information technology division can be very helpful to the administrator struggling to find a top job.


A buzzword that's out there is cloud computing, and instead of just, typically or traditionally, companies and organizations would buy hardware. Anytime they needed something new, they would add hardware to their data center and their systems. That's costly. That's inefficient. Where we're going today is putting things up in the cloud.

What the systems administrator, the Linux systems administrator becomes is less of a back room, heads-down engineer and more of a liaison between a vendor that's providing that cloud service and the business and determining what are the requirements from the business, what do they need, and then how the vendor can provide that. There's much more people skills involved. It's more being able to interact with the users and the business. That's a skill set that, traditionally, Linux systems administrators didn't need.

Photo Credit: Crystone