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VIDEO: Job Search Tips

In a tough economy, everyone could use a little boost in their job search.  Whether you've been looking for days or months, you should check out these helpful job search tips from three of WinterWyman's many experienced staffers.  Heed their advice, and you could find yourself back in the workforce sooner than you think!

Most people understand how to make a resume, send it to an employer, and hope.  However, there is so much more to a job search than just that.  You have to be mindful of your online presence, ensuring that employers won't Google you and find bad results.  The generic resume is also a thing of the past.  If you can't make your accomplishments stand out from everyone else's, you'll be stuck in a job search forever.  Beverly Morgan and Melissa Cappas Masse cover these and other topics in this video, designed to jump-start your job search and help you impress potential employers! 


Beverly Morgan, Senior Vice President and Partner, Executive Search

There is so much noise out there in regards to the market. You absolutely have to look at your brand, who you are, what distinguishes yourself from other potential candidates who are technically competitors.

Melissa Cappas Masse, Managing Director, Technology Staffing

Make sure that you are very aware of what's out there in the whole Google, cyberspace world because clients are googling people, and they are looking at your Facebook page, looking at your LinkedIn page. They are looking at blogs that you might have out there, and at the end of the day, if they get your resume and they google you, whatever information comes up, they can judge you on that.

Beverly Morgan

Certifications gives you an edge above. I have had many clients that will definitely put that as a requirement and hold true to that.

Melissa Cappas Masse

Making sure that any accomplishments, if they have been able to complete a project before the due date or under budget, that is always something that clients like to see. Oftentimes people leave that off their resume.

Photo Credit: Career Girl Network