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VIDEO: Human Resources Industry Trends

The human resources industry is always filled with vital jobs that the right candidate can thrive in.  However, with the constant change in titles and duties, it might be hard for the innocent job seeker to find the right position for them.  Beverly Morgan, partner and manager of WinterWyman's Human Resources division, shares her thoughts on human resources today, and emphasizes why candidates might be better off utilizing a recruiter.

As partner of the Human Resources division at WinterWyman, Beverly Morgan has over 20 years of experience placing qualified candidates in the right job.  Thanks to her longevity in the industry, she understands the transformations that have taken place in the past few years, and she knows how to uncover the perfect job for her candidates.  After watching this video, you'll have a greater understanding of what companies want in a human resources candidate these days, and you'll know how to take the next steps in your job search.


I think we definitely have seen a transformation in regards to titles. You backtrack fifteen, twenty years ago, it was labor relations to personnel to human resources. Now with titles of people strategist, talent management, chief HR officer, newer, innovative, sexier titles maybe. But I think the work is still relatively the same.

Global HR leaders are being sought out constantly. I have definitely seen our clients reaching out to us to add value at more the senior level and to look at more retained and exclusive searches for VP's of HR, chief people officers. So we are segmenting our business to look at more senior level searches and either be the top HR person or running a division. We have definitely seen a significant increase.

I have had many clients over the last six to nine months say the type of talent that we've presented and our approach to working and partnering with them has been second to none. That is something that I think we are very, very proud of.

Photo Credit: Rational Survey