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VIDEO: Find Top Talent with WinterWyman!

Why choose to work with WinterWyman? Our people, our networks, our history and the way we do business. Watch three of WinterWyman's top consultants explain more. 


Melanie Kilsey, Partner, Accounting, Finance & Administrative Staffing

I think clients should work with WinterWyman because we have the best consultants around, especially in the Boston area.

Joe Kotlinski, Partner, Information Technology Search

We can dedicate a team, at least in IT, we have a team of eight people with an average tenure of over ten years. We bring that experience to help our clients find people that they can't or they don't have the time to find on their own.

Melanie Kilsey

I think working with WinterWyman is great because you know your consultant is going to be there tomorrow. I've been at WinterWyman for four years. The average tenure at WinterWyman, I believe, is eight or nine years. I have colleagues who have been here for 25. Regardless, at the end of the day, we're about relationship building

Robert Byron, Partner, Information Technology Search

And we're very, very concerned about not being transactional, but more developing a partnership, a relationship. This is not a quick transaction and then on to the next client. It's more building relationships.

Melanie Kilsey

The amount of screening we do up front before a client even sees a resume is pretty extensive.

Joe Kotlinski

Most people know we've been in business almost 40 years. We have a fairly extensive database, a fairly extensive network that we can rely on to make calls into people to see who they know.

Robert Byron

We've built up a solid of network of candidates over those 40 years, and because of that, we're able to uncover passive candidates that most candidates that most clients wouldn't be able to find on their own.

Joe Kotlinski

The good candidates that everybody is looking for are the people that are currently employed, that have their heads down, that may or may not be actively looking for a new role. But if the right thing came by their desk, they might want to hear about it.

Melanie Kilsey

When you hire from WinterWyman, you're not just hiring a great employee and having a good hiring experience, but you're also gaining a relationship, a business relationship.

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