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VIDEO: Current Trends in Information Technology

IT trends are always changing and the professionals at WinterWyman are constantly keeping up with these trends. Watch this video as Joe Kotlinski, Partner at WinterWyman Search discusses the technologies that will help you become more marketable to employers.

Companies are adapting to the technology trends and are integrating new business applications. Employers are looking to hire employees who already have the skills to use these new technologies. Joe shares which technology trends are the most important to know about and which will help you get a position in the information technology industry. Joe has more than ten years of experience at WinterWyman helping candidates find their true calling in the IT world. His knowledge shines through in this video.


What trends are we seeing these days in the IT market? Well, a couple. One, we're seeing more and more companies move to open source technologies, and what I mean by that is technologies that are available and free, that you can get online, whether it's Linux or other related technologies. So we see more and more companies move to those technologies as those technologies become more robust.

We are also seeing a lot of companies moving to .NET, Windows .NET development, both web development and Windows forms development. We also see a number of companies that are rolling out business applications or upgrading business applications, and they need people associated with supporting and implementing those business applications.

Then another area that's been very, very hot lately is the whole business intelligence data warehouse space. We have a number of roles in that space where companies are gathering data, and now they want to know what to do with that data to help drive the business. So those are probably the three or four main areas that we see growth in.

Photo Credit: Salisbury, NC