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VIDEO: Benefits of Contract Work with Stu Coleman

In this video, Stu Coleman, Partner & Senior Managing Director of WinterWyman Staffing's Accounting, Finance, HR & Administrative division, shares a few reasons why accepting a contract job is a smart decision for out-of-work professionals.  Learn his tips and find out if a contract job would fit into your career plan!

In today's economy, the number of permanent positions being offered to potential employees might seem quite limited.  However, there is a vast demand for contract professionals in the workspace.  While it may not be a strong fit for everyone, many professionals can benefit from accepting a contract position.  Contract positions keep your skills relevant, offer you new chances to grow and improve in your area of work, and sometimes even lead to a permanent offer!


I don't think anybody wants to be a temp or a contractor. There are certainly consultants out there that love it. They like the variety of going from one company to the next and the flexibility. But the majority of the population, 90% or so are looking for a permanent job. So this is a way to keep busy, to keep fresh, to bring some income in, certainly. It's a funny axiom, but working people find jobs. If you're at home and you're not employed, for whatever reason, employers don't like that. But if you're showing that you're industrious and that you're actively working to try and achieve that, then they like that.

Traditional things that you would expect, somebody goes on maternity leave, your payroll person's on a leave, you can't go without that person. So you need a contractor or a temp or whatever you want to call them for that. Quite a bit of project work, we've got a big project coming up, I need somebody to help with X. Systems implementation, you're going to put in a new accounting software package and either you need somebody with that expertise to help train the staff after it's been installed, or the staff is going to go train, I need somebody to do accounts payable while they're doing that, just to keep the sort of motor running as it were.

Photo Credit: Robert Walters