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Two Powerful Words – Thank You

I have been in the process of buying a used car for my youngest daughter. I finally found one last night and after some quick and fairly painless negotiations with the sales person, we did the deal. We filled out the paperwork, shook hands and I was on my way in less than an hour.

As I was driving away I was a little uneasy. The process went quickly, there wasn't any drama, and I got a good deal. What wasn't right? Then it dawned on me....he never said thank you. I just spent a considerable amount of money with him and he never took the time to say thanks.

Now it's not a major offense but it was an opportunity lost. If he's not aware of something that simple, will he be unaware of returning a phone call or fixing a problem with my purchase down the road? Would I be eager to pass his name onto friends looking to buy a car? All these bad thoughts came into my head after a good experience simply because of a miss on his part - not saying thanks.

We don't hear thank you enough. How many times have you worked really hard for an employer, colleague or client and ultimately came away a little disappointed because someone didn't show appreciation for your work? Thanks is easy to say and it is a great place to start a conversation. "Thanks for seeing me today" or "thanks for referring that great contact to me" sets the tone and immediately makes you a person others want to do business with.

The power of thank you is significant. You can never go wrong with saying it. It’s low risk, high reward. You are not going to offend anyone and it’s always appreciated. And because so many people fail to say it, showing gratitude will separate you from a crowd in a very positive way.
Say those two words early and often in your business relationships – you will be surprised at how well it works. 

Photo Credit: Marketing Pilgrim