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The Three Best Reasons to Employ a Staffing Firm

Human resources professionals have all had the conversation: do we or don’t we use a staffing firm? There are a lot of channels to recruit candidates, but there are three major reasons why a staffing firm may be the best way to target your time and resources.

Why employ a staffing firm?

1. Access: Partnering with the right staffing firm will give you access to candidates you cannot find on your own, and they will have the ability to attract those candidates to your company. Job boards, social media, and other recruiting channels may draw a lot of candidates, but the right staffing firm can get your job in front of great candidates, both active and passive, that you won’t find anywhere else.

2. A Valuable Partner: What makes a staffing firm valuable is their ability to truly partner with you; to understand what you need, help you articulate those needs, and help you find that candidate who isn’t necessarily on the market – the passive job seeker. They are there to ensure the candidate has the right skill sets, innate abilities, and is the right match for your company’s culture.

3. Time-Saving: If you use the right firm, you will save time over searching for candidates completely on your own. They will know what you are looking for and will do much of the hard work for you. This is true particularly once you establish a solid relationship with an agency. The right staffing firm will become a valuable member of your team.

Staffing firms can be a valuable, time saving partner by providing access to the top talent, particularly job candidates that aren’t surfing job boards or otherwise looking. Now is a great time to consider adding a staffing firm to your recruitment efforts.

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