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Technology Buzz and Jobs are Growing Again Across the Country

Technology jobs held up during the recession, but the overall economic instability made job candidates and companies nervous about change. Talented technologists stayed in their positions and companies held back on hiring. That has all changed.

Job candidates are being braver than a year ago, dramatically so. Mobility is back as people believe again that great tech skills can mean a great new job in a short time. I am seeing people leaving jobs even when they don’t have a new job, and this is a big change. Overall, technologists are less risk averse, and this is an important indicator for hiring.

What does this mean?

• Potential job candidates should be ready to consider moving again. The job market allows you to place opportunity and experience ahead of safety and security.
• Businesses need to be ready to sell themselves and hire aggressively. Waiting to hire due to caution or a misreading of the job market may prevent you from acquiring hard to find tech talent.

One of the best indicators of an uptick in hiring to me is seeing technology jobs open up across the country. I place people nationwide, and the increase in hiring goes beyond traditional technology strongholds, such as Silicon Valley and Boston. Looking for a change? Check out the job market for tech pros in New York, Austin, Dallas/Fort Worth, and any other community built around the top engineering schools (Stanford, Carnegie Mellon, University of Pennsylvania, UC Berkeley, University of Maryland, Princeton, etc.) Each of these areas offers great jobs and new opportunities.

Technology jobs across the board are up, and this momentum extends across the country. My message to you is to start looking for new opportunities. The rate of change in technology is accelerating, and you owe it to yourself to look around.

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