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The Technical Interview is Key to Your Job Search

Job candidates have expectations about the work that needs to be done during the job search. They define their career goals. Resumes are updated. Interview skills are sharpened. Yet, as recruiters helping job candidates in software engineering, we see job candidates pay too little attention to one particular aspect of the job search: the technical interview.

The Technical Interview

The technical interview is an opportunity for employers to put your tech skills to the test. Technical interview questions can range across technical disciplines and include puzzles, problems, and other questions designed to make you think hard on the spot. In our experience, job candidates find technical interviews extremely time consuming and stressful. To be honest, many job candidates struggle through the first few technical interviews and reduce their chances of landing what may be a great job. These three keys to success can help you when faced with a technical interview.

Don’t Wing It

Technical interviews are not an everyday activity. Naturally, people become rusty as it is different than what you do on the job. Some people decide to ignore this rust and just wing it. This is a recipe for disaster. Practice and preparation are essential, and your recruiter should serve as your coach and guide. If not, you may need a new recruiter.

Communicate Effectively

Communications is key in the technical interview. Interviewers don’t know your skill set unless you make it clear through your answers. Don’t leave the interviewers with any doubt about how skilled you really are. Avoid evasive or incomplete answers. Follow up with a “did that answer your question” to ensure you are on the same page with the interviewer. Ask good questions throughout the interview. Work hard with your recruitment advisor so that you can be sure to ask the best questions.

Sharpen Your Technical Skills

Many job candidates find that their information and skills aren’t fresh enough for employers. People assess skills in a different way now, and they expect job candidates to evolve along with the market. Job candidates need to have a technical tool box that suits the market and can get them through a rigorous technical interview.

Technical interviews are a major challenge for job candidates searching for the best technology jobs. Too many job candidates treat them casually at the beginning of their job search. Winging it is a bad idea. Preparation is essential. Use your time to practice, learn to communicate effectively, and sharpen your technical skills.

Photo Credit: Right People