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Staffing Firm Debate: The Industry Specific Specialist Versus the General Purpose Firm

One of the challenges in the staffing industry is the increased specialization of industry specific skills desired by businesses. Clients need candidates that excel at specific and complicated tasks. How do you find these candidates? Perhaps more importantly, how do you find a staffing agency that can find these great candidates?

Some staffing firms try to be all things to all people, but this is typically unreasonable. Let’s take a look at four reasons why the industry specific specialist may be preferable to a general purpose staffing firm.

Deeper Knowledge: It’s always better to choose an industry specific specialist; they have extensive connections in the network, a thorough understanding of the specific jobs and required skills, and a strong knowledge of the associated salaries and pay rates.

Expertise: If you were going in for open-heart surgery, would you look for the rock star heart surgeon, or a general practitioner who just took out someone’s appendix? The more experience your staffing partner has in your area, the better chance they will have of understanding your needs, and more importantly meeting them.

The Right Questions: Because of their deep, industry knowledge, they will likely ask questions you didn’t think to ask before presenting candidates.

Sharing Knowledge: If they are good, you will get some valuable, free advice as you go through the process in areas like competitive analysis, salaries, and industry trends.

Finding the right candidate with specialized skills can be challenging. Making a mistake at hiring can be an expensive and time-consuming error. An industry specific specialist may help you get it right the first time.

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