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Software Technology Salary & Jobs Report

WinterWyman Search’s Software Technology practice has filled over 620 jobs in the engineering, front-end and data engineering fields over the past several years. The information presented below draws on this wealth of data. This report examines all jobs and placements from the prior 12 months. Click here to view the report in its entirety. 

1. Salary Data

Salary by Technology

While engineers of all backgrounds are in high demand, data engineers continued to command particularly high salaries throughout 2016. Figure 1 shows the average salary for WinterWyman Search’s Software Technology practice’s three primary areas of focus:

Each technology bucket WinterWyman Search's Software Technology practice serves also has a unique salary range (see Figure 2).

Within each of these broad sectors, there are notable differences when the data is parsed by specific language. 

2. Job Demand

Figure 3 shows which software jobs we’ve seen the highest demand for in the Greater Boston region.

Job Demand by Technology

Much like the salary data, which technologies are “hot” is reflected in our job order data. 

Job Demand by Location

With the tech industry’s growth in the Innovation District and Downtown, Boston has become the epicenter of the region’s tech industry.

Click here to view the report in its entirety.