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Seven Questions that Determine if Your Recruiter is Helping Your Job Search

Whether your recruiter is helping you find a job in finance, accounting, IT, or human resources, you always need to evaluate how well they can serve your needs. There are some simple yet great questions you should be asking your recruiter from day one. Whether you’re new to using a recruiter or know the drill, these seven questions are key to evaluating your recruiter’s fit for meeting your needs and an indicator of overall performance. Use these questions to figure out whether your recruiter is really looking out for you.

1. Did the recruiter really get to know my background? Did they ask specific questions regarding my job experience, salary history, and reason for movement in my career?
2. Did the recruiter set expectations for working together?
3. How long is it between our first conversation and our next?
4. How often is the recruiter checking in with me?
5. Does the recruiter send my resume to clients without speaking to me first?
6. Did the recruiter ask me my career goals? Does the recruiter call me for positions that are in line with my career goals?
7. Does the recruiter regularly fill jobs in my industry?

Recruiting is a two way street. I’m evaluating my candidates when they walk through the door. You should do the same thing with your recruiter. Solid answers to these seven questions can give you confidence that the recruiter is engaged, informed, and has a game plan to work with you. Don’t like the answers? Tell your recruiter now to avoid trouble later.

Photo Credit: Smart Recruiters