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Selling Your Company to Top Talent - It Begins With the Recruiter, but Ends With You

It’s a common misconception among hiring managers that selling their company as a great place to work is the recruiter’s job. To a certain degree, that’s true – a good agency will match the right talent to each role and then get candidates excited about the possibilities of working with your team. But remember, you need to pick up where the agency leaves off.

Most of a recruiter’s ability to sway opinion comes early in the process. After we’ve identified, qualified and interviewed candidates, they meet the HR staff and hiring managers at your company. That’s when you need to show them that the enthusiasm they’ve developed about your company is warranted. And doing that’s not hard: Be engaging, professional and glad to meet them, and treat them respectfully every step of the way. And don’t forget to follow up promptly after their interview.

The challenge is that HR and hiring managers are so focused on evaluating a candidate’s qualifications and fit, they often lost the idea of selling the opportunities offered by the job itself and the company as a whole.

Finding the best talent is a challenge today, so it’s important for businesses to step back and look at the hiring process from the candidate’s point of view. It’s easy – too easy – for managers and staff alike to assume that everybody knows they’re working on the coolest products, the most exciting services, in a dynamic culture that satisfies their desire for both challenges and growth opportunities.

But candidates aren’t immersed in the company like you are. Their view is colored by the research they’ve done, what the recruiter has told them and, most important, by what they experience when they visit. 

Practically speaking, that means hiring managers have to plan for each candidate’s visit. Which team members should they meet? What areas do you want them to touch on during their conversations? Everyone involved needs to be aware of your goals for the day and what role you want them to play in achieving them.

In addition, you need to tailor your message to each candidate. Everyone’s career path is different, and each job seeker has their own set of hot buttons. How your company fits with their career aspirations, approach, financial goals and lifestyle will inevitably vary from person to person. 

This is where partnering with your recruiter can help. A skilled recruiter takes the time to understand the candidate’s motivations and concerns. Every job seeker focuses on different aspects of a company and a role – there is no “one size fit’s all” sell. Understanding what drives today’s candidates will help you devise a strategic interview plan that, in-turn, allows the candidate to walk away with a solid sense of your company and, when the fit is right, a desire to work there.