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One Question Every Sales Professional Should Ask Themselves

Sales professionals thrive on challenges. Frequently, these challenges revolve around one simple question. Who can sell the most? Personally, I think sales professionals ought to ask themselves a different question. What impact am I making? WinterWyman offers a rewarding selling environment, but it also gives you a chance to make a positive impact on people’s lives.

Staffing is the Ultimate People Business

WinterWyman sales professionals work with candidates and clients to create lasting relationships. Each of our sales consultants becomes a trusted advisor to both clients and candidates. The hard part of our sales process is solving the human equation. The human element on both sides of the placement adds to the complexities of the deal.

You probably have the sales skills to bring people to yes. Do you have the judgment and integrity to stop a deal cold when it isn’t the right fit for the candidate or client? Can you do right by the customer even if it means the difference between a sale and no sale? You do the right things for your candidate and client when you choose integrity first.

Of course, making a placement has a huge impact on the lives of the candidate and their future organization. You are responsible, in part, for their positive contributions down the road. You have gained not one, but two, clients (and friends) for life.

Now, I’m not trying to oversell staffing. It’s intense, and it’s not for everyone. Our interview process is pretty thorough, open and honest about what the job entails. I’d hate to have someone be surprised on day one with us. (Surprises are for birthdays, not the workplace.) Also, there is no academic degree in staffing to lead people directly to our door. Yet, I’ve always been curious by how staffing tends to be a secondary choice for some sales professionals given how much satisfaction the whole experience creates for the WinterWyman team.

Frankly, I think of staffing as the ultimate people business. WinterWyman rewards sales skill and high integrity both financially and with genuine job satisfaction. It is place for you to make an impact for yourself and others.

Staffing Success, Compensation, and More

I mentioned compensation a moment ago. People who connect with others and do the right thing can do very well in sales at WinterWyman, and you are in direct control of your compensation. But you have to remember, payday is only one day every two weeks. What motivates you the other thirteen days? I would be willing to bet it is the people side of the business. Here, the more you give, the more you get.

People talk about the difference between doing good and doing well. We don’t think that way at WinterWyman. For the right sales people, the A-players loaded with skill, drive, and integrity, you can truly help others while helping yourself.