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Job Seekers in Software Engineering: Consider These Areas

Software Engineering is one of the top career paths; job prospects are strong and growing stronger.  From my perspective as a recruiter, I’d like to share three of the exciting changes and advances that are spurring growth in this field, which was voted the number one job for 2011.

Cloud Computing

One major advancement is cloud computing. There is an enormous push toward moving engineering applications to the cloud for many reasons, including:

  • Reduced cost from not having to acquire the overhead
  • The ability to deploy the applications more quickly
  • Increased security at a lower cost

This segment of the job market is in its earliest days.  Software Engineers will be required to work on the full spectrum of application development, and this can be a great opportunity for engineers to take on broad challenges.

Mobile Technology

Another area for advancement in Software Engineering today is mobile technology. Many experts predict that soon more people will surf the internet through a mobile device than through traditional computers. This space gets stronger as the mobile tech paradigm flips from making traditional web apps mobile accessible, to creating applications just for mobile devices.  All of this leads to more people using mobile to explore the web and increased mobile-enabled services. Additionally, there is an increase in mobile e-commerce; both of which require Software Engineers to create, integrate and deploy the technology behind the services.

Healthcare Services

Healthcare is still one of the largest areas where technology has an opportunity to make a huge impact. Technology improvements mean increased efficiencies and security, better communication, improved use of data, and reduced costs. Healthcare providers are waking up to the bottom line savings created by technology, and healthcare organizations are starting to make more investments in areas such as electronic medical records.  There is opportunity for Software Engineers for creation and integration.  Consider gettting into the field now, and be an innovator and leader as it evolves.

Software Engineering: A Growing and Diverse Job Portfolio

Software Engineering provides job candidates with a platform to work on innovative technology and cutting edge challenges.  Candidates will find themselves in demand in 2011 and beyond.  It’s an exciting time for Software Engineers to assess what they are doing and what they could be doing in these three hot segments of the job market and beyond.