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Job Search Struggles? Recruiters Can Get You Back on Track

You’ve been searching for a new job for several months. You have great skills and experience. You get interviews, but you haven’t landed a position yet. So, you decide it’s time to talk to a recruiter. This can be a great choice for you if you’re open to following three simple rules that will help your recruiter get your job search back on track.

Rule #1: Be Open to Examining Your Approach to Finding a Job

I spend a lot of time talking to my candidates who have been searching for a while. Some keep getting interviews but no offers. Others send out resumes but can’t land the interview. I ask candidates what they think is going wrong?

This is a key moment for candidates. You can either decide to be defensive or choose to diagnose the problem. Good recruiters can provide insight by giving you an objective, expert opinion.

Rule #2: Be Open to Constructive Criticism

So, you’ve decided to examine what you’re doing. By coming to a recruiter a little later in the job search, you’ve acknowledged that your job search needs help. Be prepared for constructive criticism. Don’t be flustered or defensive. Maybe you are shooting too high or too low. Recruiters can help candidates target a job search, customize resumes, and prepare for interviews. You just need to be open to hearing feedback.

Rule #3: Be Open to Trying Something New

Think about what you’ve been doing. Something isn’t working, right? What can you change? Can you change any of your job preferences - location, title, or compensation? Are you willing to look at contract positions along with permanent jobs? You’d be surprised how many candidates dismiss opportunities even when their current strategy isn’t working.

Searching for a job isn’t easy. A recruiter can jump start your job search, but you need to be open to change. When you connect with a recruiter, think about how you can work together to examine your current strategy and make it better. Be open to trying something new and your recruiter should be able to help you get back on track and land a great job.

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