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Job Search Strategies: Six Slip-Ups to Avoid

If you’re re-entering the job market after a hiatus, you’ll be surprised to see how much the hiring process has changed. Employers are more vigilant and cautious than ever, vetting, researching, and thoroughly interviewing candidates before any offer is made. It’s a tough market, but there are great opportunities for savvy job-seekers. By steering clear of these common sloppy mistakes, you can avoid sinking your search before it even gets started.


Stretching the truth on the C.V.: Update your resume and include dates (month and year), your true degree and accurate descriptions of your work. Employers can easily verify the information (and they will) and a job offer will be rescinded if employers find out you falsified information.

Provocative public profiles: Employers will Google you. Make sure they don’t find that picture of you doing a keg-stand. Research yourself and eliminate any unflattering content from cyberspace, update your online presence and LinkedIn profile, and make sure your online resume matches the one you send to employers.

Channeling the 80s: Ditch the suits with the holes, tight fit and shoulder pads. It isn’t old school to worry about your image. Update your wardrobe, hair, and accessories to look current and professional.

Offering references who are MIA: Check in with your references to prepare them for calls. They may have moved, have new contact information, or worse, forgotten you! List people who can speak to your work and skills, not your boyfriend or mom.

A flatlined network: Your friends, family, and former colleagues are a great resource for finding new work, making introductions, and giving advice. Give them a chance to help you by letting them know your plans.

Going it alone: A good recruiter has the pulse of the market and understands how the market has changed. Enlist one to help you navigate through the job-search process. Finding the best one for you will only increase the chances of you landing your perfect job.

By following these tips and avoiding common job-seeking pitfalls, you can score a spot in the upper echelon of candidates and land that next job.