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Job Happiness: Are You in the Right Place?

The job search has changed tremendously over time. Newspapers gave way to job boards and now to social media. Technology changes faster than ever. Loyalty between employees and companies is dwindling.

While change has moved faster the past few years, the economy grew slower. The disconnect between the pace of change and the pace of the economy impacted the recruiting market. People valued safety more and were reluctant to move jobs. Selectivity increased for those moving positions. Job seekers forced on the market took what they could get.

For technologists, staying too long in position or remaining in a position that isn’t the right fit can be costly and could make your skills less desirable. Achieving goals may be delayed if you are not moving up or growing. Simply, you can make yourself less attractive by putting safety first.

Where does all this leave you now? Ask yourself these questions about your current job to figure out whether now is the time to join an increasingly robust recruiting market.

Where is this Leading?

Everyone should have a game plan for where their current job fits in their overall plan. Can you advance? Is a new title or compensation just around the corner? Figure out the possible and likely next steps in your current position.

How Does the Technology Play in the Market?

Always know the market’s demand for your technical expertise. Technology is ever changing and legacy technologies are not as much in demand. Some technologies like development for mobile apps, open source and virtualization continue to grow and thrive; others will grow slowly or decline.

Am I Building New Skills?

You are either building skills or letting them decline. Always be aware of what this job is doing to prepare you for the next opportunity. Reevaluate your portfolio of work to know exactly how a potential employer would view you on the market.

Why am I Staying Here?

Am I happy with the: culture, skills, commute, quality of life? These questions may sound basic, but you should always be aware of what it is that keeps you in position. Can’t find a good answer? It might be time to look for a new job.

The recruitment market for great technologists is always strong, and it is getting stronger. It is time to lift your head up a little bit and think about where your career and the market are going. A recruiter can offer you the opportunity to have a state of the state address about your skills, goals, and current position to see how they play in the current and future market.