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How Your Career Goals Look to a Hiring Manager

A candidate walks into my office. Let’s say that they are a motivated and enthusiastic banker. They’re a generalist now, but they want to become a commercial lender. Their eyes light up explaining how this will be a great next move for them. They may even catch up salary-wise after a few lean years during the recession.

Let’s stop for a second and step into the hiring manager’s shoes. Your message, an enthusiastic candidate ready to make that big leap career-wise, might raise these questions with the hiring manager:

Is this candidate really a good match for our job requirements?

We typically promote from within. Why would we promote an unproven commodity from the outside?

Why isn’t that candidate getting promoted at their current firm?

Hiring managers can afford to be very selective in this market. They are interested in what candidates have done but perhaps less interested in what candidates think they might be able to do going forward. Either way, you’ll need to be prepared to answer the questions above if you’re looking to make that big leap.

Now, this blog isn’t meant to discourage you from leveraging your talents into the next big thing and promotion. As your recruiter, I can help you identify great positions, prepare you for the process, and advocate on your behalf. I’ve gone to bat for many candidates who didn’t quite match a client’s job description. Yet, I’m blogging to remind people that it’s important to keep the hiring manager’s perspective in mind. It might be the difference between spinning your wheels and making the best match.

As a recruiter, I’m managing the relationship between my candidates and clients. Like any relationship, it’s useful to keep in mind the other party’s perspective. Both sides can see the same situation very differently. As a job candidate, be sure to understand the hiring manger’s point of view. After all, they will be the one hiring you.

Photo Credit: Hofstra Student Life