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How to Involve Your Team in the Hiring Process and Enhance the Candidate Experience

During the hiring process, the hiring manager or HR representative takes the lead in working with the candidate. But it’s important for everyone who’ll meet a potential hire to feel part of the process and to understand they play a role in making candidates feel valued and appreciated.

Every interaction is part of the overall impression candidates will develop about your company and its employees. That impression will have a lot to do with their decision to accept an offer, or not, and what they may say about your company to others.

If you are a hiring manager, here are four ways to help your team to feel involved in the process and in-turn, create a positive experience for your job candidates.

1. Alert your entire team that a candidate will be visiting.

Even folks who are not involved in the interview process will appreciate knowing when a candidate is coming to the office and with whom they’ll meet. Let them know which job the candidate is being considered for and provide information about the person’s background. You don’t have to do this in a formal meeting or long email. Brief conversations or a bullet-point message will do the trick. Your team will appreciate the transparency, and eventually, this will play into your new hire receiving a warm welcome.

2. Explain how your team can support your recruitment efforts.

Be sure everyone knows the message you want the candidate to hear from interviewers and anyone else they happen to meet while they’re in the office. Maybe you’re stressing the creativity of your group or the challenging nature of your projects. Whatever the message, it will appear more cohesive when candidates hear it consistently during their visits.

3. Keep everyone comfortable.

Change makes people antsy. New employees will alter the office dynamic in unpredictable ways, which is bound to make some people feel threatened or uncertain. Explain why you’ve opened this position, how the new hire will work with each member of the team and how, in general, life should become easier with a new colleague on board. We’ve had candidates come back from interviews to tell us they sensed resentment from some of their prospective co-workers. That’s not a good dynamic to have in play when you’re recruiting, and it can be avoided by keeping everyone informed and reassured.

4. Tell people to be friendly and open.

This one is probably obvious, but it never hurts to make sure the team understands even a simple hello or handshake is a piece of the candidate’s total experience. A friendly question about how the day is going or an offer of coffee can say more about the work environment than any formal pitch you might make during the course of the day.

These steps will help you demonstrate that your team is unified and in sync. As a group, you’ll make the candidate feel welcome and prove your work environment is open and professional. Even those you don’t hire will think well of your organization and will have good things to say to their colleagues.