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Holiday Party Dos and Don’ts

  • Do attend. While the event may seem “optional,” the holiday party is a work function, and not attending can leave a bad impression with your co-workers and the senior managers.
  • Do wear something festive and tasteful. Save the skimpy or tight fitting outfits for your non-work celebrations.
  • Don’t talk shop. Yes, the party is a work event, but it’s a time to interact with your co-workers in a relaxed way. Save the discussion about the new software or your questions about a policy change for in the office.
  • Don’t corner anyone. While it’s wonderful to chat with people you may not know as well, try to appropriately excuse yourself from the conversation after a reasonable amount of time so they don’t feel like a caged animal.
  • Don’t consume too much alcohol, and do drink lots of water. Give yourself a drink limit, and stick with it.
  • Don’t forget your manners. Refer to party etiquette 101: use your napkin, don’t talk with your mouth full and do exercise restraint when you are offered hors d’oeuvres.
  • Don't get pulled into any office drama from other co-workers who may have had too much to drink and may be letting the alcohol talk.
  • Do behave appropriately with your date. Having a knock down fight, or lots of PDA are both “don’ts” for work parties.
  • Do thank the event planners. One or several of your colleagues spent considerable time planning the party; make sure you know who was responsible, and thank them for their efforts.
  • Do leave at a reasonable time. Have fun and enjoy your night out, but don't be the one to close down the bar or start a chant of "one more round."
  • Do leave a great impression. Have fun and enjoy yourself, but don't leave yourself open for post-party gossip or act unprofessionally in any way. The bosses (and office gossips) are watching you in this environment.

Photo Credit: Under 30 CEO