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Five Considerations for Contract Employment Positions

More and more job seekers are taking advantage of the many contract and temporary positions available in the market. As recruiters, we are pumped that people are making the most of these potentially great opportunities. For a lot of folks, this might be their first time taking a contract or temporary job. Whether you are a novice or old pro, here are five things you should think about when considering a contract or temporary position.

Know your Role

You are a hired gun. You’re not here to learn new skills. They are bringing you in to do something that you know how to do and do well. Unlike a permanent position, a contract or temporary position is not a time to worry about advancement or training. Simply focus on doing your job well and making the most of the opportunity.

Know what you will be Paid

This seems obvious, but some recruiters will dangle work in front of a job candidate without putting all the cards on the table. You need to know what you will be paid and how the compensation affects your unemployment benefits.

Know about the Position and Company

A contract or permanent position is not forever, but you don’t want to wander into something terrible. Good recruiters won’t put you in a bad spot; however, you should always know why the job is open and the general health of the company.

Know you may be Taking a Position that isn’t Your Ideal Job

Some candidates will only consider a contract or temporary position that mirrors what they are looking for permanently. Don’t limit yourself in that way. It can be a great learning experience to take a contract or temporary position that you wouldn’t necessarily take as a permanent job.

Know that this can be the Best of Both Worlds

As recruiters, we find that many job candidates are hesitant to consider contract or temporary work. We think that it is a win-win for job candidates. You can network, stay sharp, and create opportunities while earning money. At the same time, you can keep searching for a permanent position or get your foot in the door to potentially turn your temporary position into something lasting.

Contract and temporary jobs can be very useful and satisfying. Knowing what you are getting into can help you make the most of the opportunity. As recruiters, we make sure our candidates in accounting and finance understand the deal going in. We find that when candidates understand the situation and benefits, they end up happy that they took advantage of the opportunity.

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