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The First Step in Picking a Winner is Evaluating Yourself

Changing jobs is a big transition, and it can be a substantial risk. You want to be sure that your next job turns out to be as great as you imagined. The question is - how do you pick a winner?

Your first tendency in picking a great company to work for might be to investigate every piece of information available: a company’s technology, benefits, culture, finances and other bits of information. This type of research is necessary, but it’s not the best first step in finding the right fit. The first step involves you.

Evaluate Yourself First

The first step in picking a winner doesn’t involve the prospective employer. You need to evaluate yourself before examining job opportunities to ensure the best fit. Find out what’s important to you:

  • Are you really ready to move on? 
  • Have you discussed the job change with the important people in your life?
  • Do you want to be close to work and avoid a commute?
  • Do you value work-life balance above all?
  • Do you need to be on the cutting edge of technology?
  • Is it all about compensation?
  • Do you know why you don’t like your current job?

The questions are different for everyone. Some people are better about self-reflection and goal setting than others. Recruiters, your mentors, and people in your network can all help you work through your personal career goals. Being honest now will help avoid being dissatisfied later.

Let your self-knowledge of what you want inform the interview process and entire job search. Use your recruiter, the web and your network to find out the answers important to you. During the interview, inquire about issues related to your goals in order to develop a clear image of the position's fit for you. Asking pertinent and insightful questions will help you make an informed decision about your career and your future.

As a recruiter, the people that evaluate what they want honestly and up front are happier over time. Job candidates who don’t evaluate themselves tend to face the same issues at each job. Be honest with yourself and use that information to help pick a winning company.