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Enhance Your Job Search by Asking These Three Questions

As recruiters, we are asked a lot of questions. We want to share three great questions with you from the perspective of a job candidate. We don’t hear these questions enough, and they are a smart place to start when working with a recruiter.

Are My Skills Transferable?
Some job candidates want to swing from their current job to something entirely new. While a new job is an opportunity for change, that change typically needs to be within the context of your current work and accumulated experience. Ask your recruiter to take a hard look at the skills you have and evaluate them against the market need. You can work together to build a bridge to a new position or organization.

What’s My Market Value?
This is a basic question that should be addressed up front. Some job candidates haven’t been on the market for years. Other candidates may price themselves out of the market through a disconnect between their goals and what the market will yield. Review your skills and experience to have an honest conversation about your market value. Setting your expectations based on the facts will help you and your recruiter.

What Type Of Job Do You Think I Should Be Looking For?
Once you understand your skills and worth, the question of which jobs to target is the natural next step. You and your recruiter should be focused from the start on the right job for you.

Ask The Right Questions To Help Your Recruiter Add Value To Your Job Search
The three basic questions above are a great place to start with your recruiter. They focus the conversation where it needs to be: using an honest appraisal of your current skills and past experience to help you find that next great job.

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