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Career Goals and Objectives: Guiding the Journey of Your Job

We all think of fall as a time of change, going back to those days when we filled our Trapper Keepers with looseleaf paper and sharpened our pencils for the first days of school. While you may not be going back to school this September, the arrival of shorter days and cooler weather is an ideal time to take inventory of what’s good and not so good about your current job and set some goals as to where you want to go.

Riding the See-Saw of Life’s Big Questions

A career inventory may seem like a big deal, but it really begins with asking yourself a couple of questions, like these:

•    Are you happy in your job?
•    Are the problems you’re solving daily exciting and challenging to you?
•    Is what you’re doing interesting and attractive to other employers?    
•    If you were thrown into a job search today, would you be marketable?
•    Are the technologies you’re working with up to date?
•    Does your work life mesh with your personal life?
•    Do you have a trusted resource to keep you connected to the market and industry trends?  
•    How are you staying connected and current with the industry?

Considering these things makes you a person who likes standing on the see-saw with your feet on each end of the board. Rocking your feet back and forth will help you eventually get to that ultimate goal—life balance, which comes from satisfaction in your career and taking care of your best investment—You.

Talk to Your Teacher

Sometimes the answers to these capital “L” life questions won’t appear fully formed in your brain, but rest assured, the answers are there. You have opinions about how you want to live your life—maybe you just haven’t articulated them before. Or perhaps no one asked or was willing to listen.  That’s where WinterWyman comes in. That's what we do best.  Trust us, you won’t have to sit on a couch and dig into your childhood; We are career advisors, not shrinks. As your career manager, it’s our job to dialogue with you about these topics. The conversations will help us get a better idea of what you want, when you want it, and what excites you in your career journey.

Even if you’re not ready to explore the market, talk to us. Being happy in your current job is the best way to start the conversation, because it makes you consider and express all the things you like about your job, your company, and your environment. Knowing your preferences makes it so much simpler to find your next great thing. And having that information will help us become the “millionaire matchmaker” of your future. We have much better taste, style, and approach than that lady on Bravo.  We simply speak, promote, and take care of geeks.  Happily and proudly.  We firmly believe geeks will rule the world.  Hello, Mark Zuckerberg?

Don’t Forget to Do Your Homework

Like the teachers of your good ol’ school days, a career manager is there to help you out, give you guidance, and teach you some things. Ultimately, though, you get out of school what you put into it, just as you get out of your career what you put into it. Do your homework by focusing on the following essential elements of professional development:

•    Know the trends in your industry.
•    Keep your experience current.
•    Read industry literature regularly.
•    Take classes to keep your expertise fresh.
•    Develop side interests and projects that allow you to tinker with technologies you don’t work with on the job.

When you focus in on these aspects of your career, you’ll get an A+ in occupational management. Not to mention multiple job offers in a sizzling hot tech market. Let this fall be the start of a new phase in your work life. This may not mean making a job change; it can come by making smaller changes to your existing situation. Help us help you.  Yes, we stole that from Jerry Maguire and look at what he did for Rod Tidwell.  Do you think Josh Beckett would make a move without employing his agent?

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