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Can a Staffing Firm Care?

Sum up Your Values in One Word

We’ve all been on job interviews or had that critical conversation with a boss or a client. Finally, they ask you that one crucial question. I remember being asked that one big question by the Chairman of WinterWyman’s Board of Directors. He asked me to describe our staffing firm in one word.

A question like this gives you an opportunity to combine your passion and integrity. You have to ask yourself, “Am I going to live my values or just tell someone what I think they want to hear?” The word I chose to describe our staffing firm? Care. Our Chairman thought it was a perfect fit for Winter, Wyman.

WinterWyman cares about its team, clients, and candidates. Now, you don’t usually see the words care and staffing firm in the same sentence. I’ve been at WinterWyman for eighteen years, and I’m familiar with all the stereotypes. Yes, the staffing industry is intense. It would be dishonest to say otherwise. But there is nothing incompatible about success and a staffing firm that cares about its team, clients, and candidates.

You may be skeptical. You might wonder, how does WinterWyman care about its team, clients, and candidates.

Three Ways a Staffing Firm Cares

1. WinterWyman cares for our team by offering an award-winning place to work. We provide great development opportunities, fantastic earning potential, and personalized attention. We care about our team, and they care about WinterWyman. The proof is in the pudding: our average tenure for employees is 8+ years. That’s unheard of in the staffing industry.

2. WinterWyman cares about our clients by making the right deal, not the first deal that comes along. I like to say that some of the best deals WinterWyman has done are the ones we didn’t do. We know that our reputation is our product and every action either adds to or detracts from it. Our clients remain loyal because we always act with integrity and make the right deal. Also, the longevity of our staff means our clients deal with the same A-players year after year.

3. WinterWyman cares for our job candidates by being who we say we are. Our team lives its core values. WinterWyman lives integrity, dedication, teamwork, and excellence every single day. We are trusted career advisors for our job candidates when we live by our core values.

WinterWyman Cares

As CEO, I care about my team, clients, and candidates. I’m blogging to share this passion with a wider audience. Care is the best word to describe WinterWyman. But if you have a passion for sales, and you want to succeed personally and professionally, then I have two words for you: WinterWyman.