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Attention Hiring Managers: Don’t be Fooled by the Economy

Tech Skills are a Must Have in Any Market

The recession changed the dynamic in hiring from fast and furious to cautious and careful. This trend continues even as the recession ends. Unemployment is at 9%. Millions are out of work. But does this means that you can keep the hiring bar high and take your time in the hiring process?? Not really. The people you really want are hard to find. This article from the Wall Street Journal explains more:

The story describes how some fields are dying for talented candidates, even with millions unemployed. The first group mentioned in the article is computer engineers, and the focus stays on technology jobs. In the article, the Director of Experienced Recruiting at Ernst & Young talks about how for most technical jobs, the pool of qualified applicants is incredibly small. This is a dynamic we see every day. The jobs are there, the skills and talent needed is exceptional, and the right supply of candidates is not available.

The competition for the technology candidates you want is intense, and your recruiting practices need to reflect this fact. Be nimble in the interview and decision-making process. Give people the hard sell about why the technology or team is great to work with. This includes making sure that your current employees send the right messages during recruiting. (Some companies have wrung so much productivity out of their group during the downturn that they are just too tired to be enthusiastic ambassadors for your team and brand.)

We recruit for technology positions, and we have been working with candidates and clients for the past ten plus years. We have seen boom, bust, and a lot of technology arrive, thrive, and perish. Recently, one of our recruiters was asked, “How has the recruiting market changed for technology pros during the past decade?” You could point to a lot of events and trends, but the question brings him back to one fundamental change. Technology and technology professionals have gone from a luxury to a necessity for businesses. The accelerating pace of change will likely reinforce this dynamic in the future and increase the competition for top talent. Change gears now to recruit and hire the best.

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