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Five Areas to Consider When Vetting Remote Employees

If you are seeking a remote employee, you need to go a little deeper to ensure you’re finding someone who is up for the unique challenges of working away from the team.

Hiring Tech Talent? Seven Benefits of Offering a Remote Working Opportunity

The technology space has been at the forefront of this move with companies like IBM, Amazon, and SAP embracing remote working opportunities for their people. Some companies like WordPress are even using a 100% remote workforce. Although it may look like employees reap the most rewards from working remotely, there are actually significant benefits to employers who dive into this growing talent pool. Here are seven of them:

Going Virtual

According to the research firm Forrester, 34 million Americans work at home at least occasionally. That number is expected to hit 63 million, or 43% of the workforce, by 2016, almost doubling today’s count. Technology has made it easier than ever to work remotely. Wireless internet, instant messaging, web conferencing and collaboration software allow us to do our jobs seamlessly, regardless of our location. The word “work” is morphing from a place into an action.

Four Tips to Consider Before Working From Home

Contemplating working from home? Consider these four points: Whether to accept a role outside an office is becoming an everyday decision for job candidates. Perhaps you are interviewing with a company whose workforce is primarily made up of employees working from home. Before committing to this path, it’s important to properly evaluate the decision. Unsure how? Consider these four critical points.

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