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Press Release: WinterWyman Wins Inavero’s 2015 Best of Staffing® Client & Talent Awards

Waltham, Mass. (March 18, 2015) — WinterWyman announced today it has been named as one of Inavero’s 2015 Best of Staffing® Award winners. The award recognizes excellent service with both clients and talent (job seekers).

Building a Startup Finance Team? Here Are Four Things You Need to Know

One of the key areas to consider when operating your startup is your finance group. Building a team from scratch can be challenging, so here are four tips to get you started and to help you avoid costly mistakes down the road.

Six Resume Mistakes a Recruiter Hates to See You Make

Your resume generally gets about 30 seconds of attention the first time it’s reviewed. You need to take full advantage of that half minute to ensure you move on in the hiring process. Here are six serious mistakes that will get yours quickly tossed into the reject pile.

What Kind of Technology Business Analyst Are You?

What Kind of Technology Business Analyst Are You?

Many organizations use the term business analyst to describe a variety of roles related to data, systems and business, and this can be confusing to job seekers. I have been a business analyst for more than 10 years and have also worked with business analysts as an end user, so I have experience from both sides. I recommend job candidates know what to look for in each role so you can target your job search to the positions that best suit your background, skills and interests. Here’s a look at three types of business analysts. Which one best describes you?

Software Developers - Five Ways to Find Out Your Worth

Every day I get some variation of the same question, “What am I worth?” Unfortunately, there’s no simple answer since this is a gray, subjective area. With so many variables in market, geography, industry and individual skill sets, it’s impossible to pinpoint an exact number. That said there are a number of sources you can turn to which will help determine what you can reasonably expect to earn as a developer. Since some are more effective than others, here’s a look at the pros and cons of five of them.

Early Salary Talks Are Not Always Taboo

Attend any negotiating seminar and likely one of the first absolutes you’ll be presented with is this, “Whoever speaks first loses.” When it comes to negotiating salaries, however, that may no longer be the case.

What's the Urgency? Ways to Make Hiring a Temp as Efficient as Possible

You need to move fast when you’re a hiring manager looking to fill a temporary position because candidates often end up with multiple offers. In today’s labor market you can’t afford to drag out the process for multiple days or even weeks because you will lose top candidates. Here are four ways you can speed up the hiring process.

Four Tips to Maximize Your Recruiter Relationship

Thinking of using a recruiter for your next job search? A good first step is having a clear understanding of how recruitment firms work and what you can and can’t expect. If you are looking to a recruiter to help you in your job search, keep these four important points in mind.

Contingency vs. Retained Search – Which Is Right For You?

Once you’ve decided to use a search firm to fill an open position, you have another important choice to make - should you go the route of retained or contingency search? The answer is unequivocal: It depends. Both methods can be successful in securing the right candidate, and there are a number of factors to consider before deciding which path to pursue.

Four Big Benefits of Truly Partnering With Your Recruitment Firm

For some hiring managers, recruitment firms are a must, though taking the time to invest in a relationship with their account managers is not a priority. But, here’s a secret. The better we know each other professionally, the faster and smoother your hiring process will proceed. Here are the top four ways to partner with your recruitment firm and the benefits to you and your company.


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