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Interviewing at a Startup – How is it Different?

Startups are exciting, often cutting edge and have much to offer creatively and intellectually - but they aren’t for everyone. As a candidate, it’s crucial to start with a self-evaluation to determine if a startup environment is right for you. Check out some top attributes of successful startup employees to see if your personality and work style are a match.

How the Candidate Experience Can Help Startups Win the Competition for IT Talent

The recruiting process is a sales process, where companies paint a picture of what life is like for those who work there. But it’s a concept organizations often miss: They focus so much on a candidate’s qualifications and skills that they forget the importance of creating a strong candidate experience.

WATCH: When a Start-Up Should Bring on Financial Talent

Stu Coleman asks you to consider this approach when thinking about hiring finance talent for your startup.

Hey Technology Employers - the Pressure’s On!

Today’s best tech professionals are being chased by companies large and small, and their current employers are working harder to keep them. . Simply put, technology professionals with up-to-date skills and proven experience are gold right now.

Building a Startup Finance Team? Here Are Four Things You Need to Know

One of the key areas to consider when operating your startup is your finance group. Building a team from scratch can be challenging, so here are four tips to get you started and to help you avoid costly mistakes down the road.

New York Tech Hiring Fueled by Tech Giants and Startups

Author Horace Greeley once famously said, “Go west young man.” But now, the reverse is allowing technical job seekers to find opportunity and success right in New York. 

Over the past several years, there's been a migration of notable, West Coast based technology leaders like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Amazon into the New York market. These brands are offering ample engineering opportunities and some of the most aggressive compensation packages available.

The Technology Recruitment Outlook for the Second Half of 2014

Forecasting for the next six to 12 months predicts areas currently in high demand will remain in high demand. Engineers with experience in big data, data processing and data analytics are still sought-after. Companies are looking for knowledge around Map Reduce (Hadoop) or Spark, NoSQL (including Cassandra, Hbase, MongoDB) and complex systems development using Java, Python or Scala.

How to Evolve Your Software Technology Hiring Practices

The Boston software market is always changing, and the hiring process is evolving along with it. To make it in Boston, start-ups need to overcome their biggest challenge – hiring exceptional software talent. The current unemployment rate for software engineers is less than 3%, so while the demand for engineers is extremely high, the supply is the lowest the market has seen in years.

Ten Most In-Demand Software Technologies for 2013

The most common question I’m asked when speaking to professionals in the software industry is “What technologies are most in demand these days?” The influx of new technologies is happening more rapidly than ever before, and engineers are always eager to hear whether their skill set is current, or in danger of becoming out-of-date.

What to Evaluate When Considering a Start-up

For many people, early stage companies offer an allure and excitement that well-established companies can’t match. But how do you know that the start-up you are considering is the right career move? Make an educated decision by researching the following:


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