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Two Job Search Tips to Land the Right Job for You

Positioning Yourself as the Best Fit for the Job

Right now, hiring managers want to take the path of least risk and resistance when hiring candidates. They are seeking as close to the perfect match as possible. As a job candidate, this means that you need to score a 10 out of 10, not just a very good 8 out of 10.

There are two things you can do to help you move toward being the best match.

Start Your Job Search As Soon As You're Unemployed

You lost your job. It is, by necessity, a change moment in your life. Many people are tempted to “take time off” to evaluate their lives and determine what direction they should be taking. Sometimes, a little introspection can be healthy; however, I wouldn’t recommend introspection over starting your job search. Let me share with you three big reasons why taking time off before revving up the job search is a mistake.

Between Permanent Jobs? Three Ways to Bridge the Gap

A gap on a resume is a difficult but unavoidable part of being unemployed. Yet, you are in control of just how wide that gap gets. How so? I urge job seekers to try and find meaningful work that helps bridge the gap between permanent positions.


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