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Managing Your References Part II

We spend days preparing for job interviews — researching companies, perfecting resumes, nailing down our elevator speeches, even picking the perfect outfit. Yet we sometimes fail to devote the same attention to preparing our references. As much as references can seal the deal, if not handled right, they can also do major damage to a job prospect. Here are six strategies to manage your references right:

Least Wanted List - Avoid These "Usual Suspects" in Giving References

The job is yours, you just know it. You nailed the third and final interview and the hiring manager left you with: “Congratulations! We think you’re a perfect fit. We just have to check your references.” It’s time to break out the champagne, right? Wrong. Glowing references can clinch the job, but poor references can send you packing. When considering your references, choose wisely and avoid this list of “Least Wanted”:
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