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Technology Professionals – Don’t Underestimate Your Interview with Human Resources

If your next technology role interview starts with Human Resources, here are some tips to maximize the opportunity.

Five Tips to Help You Be an Effective New Manager

The transition to management is much more than a title change. It means committing to learning new skills that will help you be a positive leader. To help you go from a rookie manager to a seasoned pro, check out these five practices that can help you be an effective leader.

Six Reasons Why It Didn’t Work Out with Your Last Contract Employee

Organizations often rely on contract employees to support their teams, and a great deal of work goes into each hire. Making the most of those relationships seems like a no brainer, but there are times when the contract employee leaves before the contract ends. This costs the company time and money, and will likely put the projects behind schedule. Here are six reasons contract employees leave abruptly - and how to avoid them.

8 HR Traps Your Small Business or Startup Should Avoid

Small businesses and startups can be adept at using limited resources to handle a variety of tasks. Or, they may hire inexperienced HR people to manage projects that may be better lead by more experienced employees. Ultimately, they do what’s needed to stay on budget and get the job done. In the area of human resources, these practices are not unusual, but at what cost? Here are some common HR mistakes we see with small and new businesses, and ways to avoid them.

Four Reasons to Rename Your HR Department Employee Engagement

Some 25 years ago, there were personnel departments. As the responsibilities changed and expanded to include services like benefits and compensation, the name became outdated and evolved into Human Resources. Evolution is happening again, and now HR is ready for rebranding. Here are four important reasons to consider changing your HR department’s name to Employee Engagement:

The Four Most Common HR Contract Roles and How to Stay Competitive When Hiring for Them

Hiring Human Resource contractors is more competitive than ever, and the market is particularly fierce for some of the popular HR roles. If you are looking to build your team with a Recruiting Coordinator, HRIS Analyst, Recruiter or Compensation Analyst, learn what you need to know to stay competitive and capture the right talent quickly.

Four Big Benefits of Truly Partnering With Your Recruitment Firm

For some hiring managers, recruitment firms are a must, though taking the time to invest in a relationship with their account managers is not a priority. But, here’s a secret. The better we know each other professionally, the faster and smoother your hiring process will proceed. Here are the top four ways to partner with your recruitment firm and the benefits to you and your company.

Five Tips to Hire Top Technology Talent Fast – A Recruiter’s Perspective

While the economy overall is in recovery mode, much of the technology talent market is candidate-driven; candidates are scarce. If you are looking to find top tech talent and find them fast, follow these steps used by the best hiring managers and recruiters. They will help you attract great candidates, encourage the top choices to accept your offer, and keep your teams engaged along the way.

Five Steps to Maximize the Success, Happiness and Productivity of Your Contractor Employees

Setting your contract staff up for success from the start helps them to effectively deliver their projects on time while adding the value your company needs. Follow these five steps to get your contractors acclimated, productive and happy from the start.

Step-by-Step Guide to Positioning Your Company to Attract Top Talent

Given the ongoing media reports about the economy, it’s easy to assume that hiring managers are in a position to have their “pick of the litter” when it comes to hiring talent. The reality is, the best candidates are in high demand. The ability to attract and retain them is one of the most critical components of any growing firm’s success. To be competitive, hiring managers need to give considerable thought to how they position the opportunity and best represent their company to top job candidates.


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