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Are Linux Systems Administrator Positions Heading Toward Extinction?

Linux systems administrators have enjoyed job security, even through the recent recession. Organizations will always need professionals to maintain their hardware, right? Well, yes and no. The emergence of new technologies is changing the systems administrator role. While it may never be obsolete, the position as we know it is changing. In the past, you could find a Linux systems administrator working in a back room, maintaining a company’s servers; much of the role was performed behind the scenes. New technologies, however, are inviting systems administrators front and center.

Technology Buzz and Jobs are Growing Again Across the Country

Technology jobs held up during the recession, but the overall economic instability made job candidates and companies nervous about change. Talented technologists stayed in their positions and companies held back on hiring. That has all changed.

How to Address Strong Demand in Accounting and Finance

There continues to be a strong demand for accounting and finance talent, even while the economic crisis has hit other industries hard. This trend will continue due to increased corporate scrutiny and regulations, increasingly complex accounting issues, globalization and a waning interest by undergraduates to choose an accounting or finance career. These factors mean that companies need to consider how best to compete to keep their own talent and attract the best talent for their accounting and finance jobs. 

Attention Hiring Managers: Don’t be Fooled by the Economy

Tech Skills are a Must Have in Any Market

The recession changed the dynamic in hiring from fast and furious to cautious and careful. This trend continues even as the recession ends. Unemployment is at 9%. Millions are out of work. But does this means that you can keep the hiring bar high and take your time in the hiring process?? Not really. The people you really want are hard to find. This article from the Wall Street Journal explains more: http://on.wsj.com/hqKKCE.

Not In A Job Search? Keep Your Network Fresh Anyway

A lot of our recruiters have been through more than one economic downturn in their tenures. Each has offered lessons for job seekers.  One lesson many people seemed to learn from this most recent downturn was the value of their network.  Some people realized they had failed to proactively keep their network fresh and alive.  Now, after the experience of seeking employment in an uncertain economy, they vowed never to let their networks grow stale again.

Enhance Your Job Search by Asking These Three Questions

As recruiters, we are asked a lot of questions. We want to share three great questions with you from the perspective of a job candidate. We don’t hear these questions enough, and they are a smart place to start when working with a recruiter.

The Three Best Reasons to Employ a Staffing Firm

Human resources professionals have all had the conversation: do we or don’t we use a staffing firm? There are a lot of channels to recruit candidates, but there are three major reasons why a staffing firm may be the best way to target your time and resources.

Staffing Firm Debate: The Industry Specific Specialist Versus the General Purpose Firm

One of the challenges in the staffing industry is the increased specialization of industry specific skills desired by businesses. Clients need candidates that excel at specific and complicated tasks. How do you find these candidates? Perhaps more importantly, how do you find a staffing agency that can find these great candidates?

Accounting & Finance Jobs in Grant Accounting are Growing

It’s easy to view the job market as a singular entity. People will say that “the job market is down, unemployment is up, businesses aren’t hiring.” Broad trends can be useful, but they can ignore the fact that certain segments of the job market grow robustly even in a downturn. Today, I’m blogging about accounting and finance jobs in grant accounting and management, a segment of the job market that is hot even as the broad contours of the job market remain in a bit of a chill.


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