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The Three Best Reasons to Employ a Staffing Firm

Human resources professionals have all had the conversation: do we or don’t we use a staffing firm? There are a lot of channels to recruit candidates, but there are three major reasons why a staffing firm may be the best way to target your time and resources.

Staffing Firm Debate: The Industry Specific Specialist Versus the General Purpose Firm

One of the challenges in the staffing industry is the increased specialization of industry specific skills desired by businesses. Clients need candidates that excel at specific and complicated tasks. How do you find these candidates? Perhaps more importantly, how do you find a staffing agency that can find these great candidates?

Accounting & Finance Jobs in Grant Accounting are Growing

It’s easy to view the job market as a singular entity. People will say that “the job market is down, unemployment is up, businesses aren’t hiring.” Broad trends can be useful, but they can ignore the fact that certain segments of the job market grow robustly even in a downturn. Today, I’m blogging about accounting and finance jobs in grant accounting and management, a segment of the job market that is hot even as the broad contours of the job market remain in a bit of a chill.


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