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Jedis Wanted: Linux / UNIX Administrators & Business Systems Analysts

Linux/UNIX Administrators and Business Systems Analysts - Are you ready for the challenge of working with some of the most interesting, creative and innovative minds in the tech industry?

Keep It Legal: Interviewing and Hiring on the Right Side of the Law

Some workplace lawsuits are commonplace, the court cases where employees take legal action against their employers—from workers compensation claims to harassment issues to cases of unjust firing.  There is a growing trend, however, of litigation involving people who never were employees.  Job candidates who were passed over for jobs and feel that they were treated unfairly or were victims of discrimination during the interview process are now suing. 

8 Tips for the Inexperienced Interviewer

You just found out that you’re part of a hiring team.  It is great news for your growing organization, but wait…you haven’t done this in a while (if ever!). 

The interviewer’s job is critical and the stakes are high as organizations look to make every hire count.  If you’ve never interviewed anyone, or if you’re feeling a little rusty, here are some tips that may help:

The Paradigm Shift - The Changing Face of Hiring and Recruitment

Several years ago, before the economic downturn, companies were growing fast and hiring at warp speed. The goal at many organizations was to get warm bodies into positions to keep up momentum, and there was pressure on hiring teams to deliver volume. Quantity mattered, and organizations partnered with staffing firms — sometimes multiple firms — to fill those jobs. That frenetic hiring came to a screeching halt when the economy plummeted, as many companies had layoffs or hiring freezes.

Sink or Swim: How Organizations Can Benefit From Hiring Fresh Grads

Colleges and universities around the country have wrapped up their commencement ceremonies, and the caps and gowns have been packed away.  Summer marks a time when thousands of new graduates flood the job market looking to embark on their career paths.  In an uncertain economy, does it make sense for organizations to dip their feet into the recent grad hiring pool? 

Urgent! A Shift in the Job Market Calls for an Expedited Hiring Approach

For many organizations looking to hire, it may be the first time in years they have dipped their toes into the hiring pool. The recession — and the long climb out of it — may have given hiring managers and leadership teams the false impression that there is an abundance of readily available talent. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, the job market has shifted so dramatically this year that many companies looking to hire are finding a shortage of highly-qualified candidates. If you will be hiring soon, here are some tips to make the process more successful:

VIDEO: Current Trends in Information Technology

IT trends are always changing and the professionals at WinterWyman are constantly keeping up with these trends. Watch this video as Joe Kotlinski, Partner at WinterWyman, discusses the technologies that will help you become more marketable to employers.

VIDEO: Tips for Working with a Staffing Firm

Hundreds of companies benefit from working with staffing firms each year.  They utilize resources better, receive more qualified candidates, and discover greater talent that stay with them for longer and improve their business.  Scott Ragusa, CEO of WinterWyman, shares his advice for clients starting a relationship with a staffing firm.

VIDEO: Recruiting Industry Trends

The staffing landscape has evolved greatly over the past few years, and industry leaders have adapted their processes similarly in order to maintain superiority.  WinterWyman has remained at the forefront of the staffing industry in the Northeast, and Scott Ragusa, CEO, explains why in the following video.

VIDEO: Contract Employment Trends

WinterWyman's Partner / Manager Melanie Kilsey, explains her thoughts on why employers prefer hiring contract or temporary employees. Watch how she discusses trends on both in recession and in recovery.


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