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How to Answer Three of the Trickiest Interview Questions

When you embark on a job search, there are many challenges, but preparing for an interview can be downright nerve-wracking. If you are like most people, you are not accustomed to selling yourself and telling total strangers why you are great, which is basically what an interview demands. I joke to candidates that interviewing is one of those things you get better at with practice; you just hope you don’t have to practice too much!

Should I Quit My Job? Ask Yourself These Six Questions First

Everyone has had THAT kind of day. That kind of workday so miserable, no amount of wine, exercise or TV-binge-watching can erase it. But, is quitting really the answer? Maybe, maybe not. Before you write that resignation letter, ask yourself these six questions.

The Summer Slow Down? Not so Fast!

There is a perception that summer is a slow time at work, and for some organizations this may be true. Many employees take vacations, long lunches and four-day work weeks to cut out early and head to the coast. Job seekers, however, shouldn’t be fooled by this more leisurely pace as summer can be a time when a job search just starts heating up!

Top 10 Reasons to Consider a Change from Public Accounting to Private Industry Now

Most people eventually leave public accounting. Now is the time to see what’s happening in the market and to consider your options. Not sure you’re ready to move? It still makes good sense to learn about the opportunities available for accounting professionals coming out of PricewaterhouseCoopers, Deloitte, Ernst & Young and KPMG. There are some especially exciting and lucrative prospects for Big 4 professionals.  Here are the top 10 reasons to consider a change now:

7 Tips for Working with a Contract Staffing Firm

There are misconceptions about how the relationship between recruiters and candidates work. Not understanding the intricacies can lead to confusion, misunderstanding, and in some cases hurt feelings. Here are some tips for working well with a staffing agency and making the most of your job search.

WATCH: When You Should Look for New Job Opportunities

"You don't want to wait until you're miserable to start looking for a job." This and other tips from Dan Girardin in this short video.

7 Ways to Stay Positive During Your Job Search

For job seekers looking for temporary positions, either as part of a freelance lifestyle or a bridge to permanent employment, the emotional roller coaster of the contract job market can be thrilling – and stressful.

WATCH: Conducting an Executive-Level Search to Secure Your New Role

In this short video, SVP and partner Tracy Cashman provides the key approach to getting hired for your next executive-level position.

How Engaging with Contract Candidates Sets Your Company Apart

How often have you gone through the interview process only to have a contractor reject your offer in favor of someone else’s? As a hiring manager, you may have faced this challenge, but there are ways to avoid it and create a positive experience for your job candidates along the way.

WATCH: How to Work with Your Recruiter

Sean Wahl, Partner with WinterWyman Contract Staffing, offers helpful tips for working with your recruiter in this short video.


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