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Crucial Soft Skills and How to Sell Them during Your Job Interview

Crucial Soft Skills and How to Sell Them during Your Job Interview

If you’ve secured a job interview, odds are your resume shows you have the basic skills to handle the position. But more often than not, people are hired for personality over skill set. As an interviewee, what are those crucial traits and how do you showcase them during your interview? Here are the commonly desired soft skills and proven ways to convey them:

Is Your Potential New Job a Culture Fit? Take These Five Steps To Find Out.

interview questions that reveal company culture
If you’re like most job seekers, you focus on the new job’s responsibilities, compensation and location when deciding whether to take it. But finding an employer with a culture that suits you is just as important as the title you hold and what you are paid. Figuring out a company’s culture – and whether it’s a good match for you – isn’t easy. It takes a bit of legwork. So follow these five steps to help you through the process:

Five Reasons Why a Combination of Public Accounting and Private Industry Experience Makes You More Marketable

Public and Private Accounting Job Experience
Making the jump from public accounting to private industry rounds out your resume and makes you more marketable. If your long-term goal is to land a senior level finance or accounting position, having a background in both public accounting and private industry can be the difference maker.

The Technology Recruitment Outlook for the Second Half of 2014

in-demand programming languages in 2014
Forecasting for the next six to 12 months predicts areas currently in high demand will remain in high demand. Engineers with experience in big data, data processing and data analytics are still sought-after. Companies are looking for knowledge around Map Reduce (Hadoop) or Spark, NoSQL (including Cassandra, Hbase, MongoDB) and complex systems development using Java, Python or Scala.

Eleven Ways to Avoid Job Search Burnout

Elevan Ways to Avoid Job Search Burnout
As a recruiter, I see the emotional toll a job search can take on candidates – rookies and seasoned job seekers alike. Being out of work longer than anticipated, not being invited for interviews or not receiving offers can make it tough to keep your spirits up. Fading confidence, a down mood or a crushed spirit can negatively affect how recruiters and potential employers perceive you. Here are 11 tips to help you stay strong and focused during a difficult job search.

How Your Social Profile Can Help You Get a Job

How Your Social Profile Can Help You Get a Job
In college, your social media community is mostly that – social. As you transition to your professional life, your social media presence needs to transition as well. It's not necessary to delete or hide your entire social media persona; employers want to see you are a person with hobbies and non-work related interests, too. Just use good judgment and be proactive about what you post, and you'll make a positive impression in an interviewer's mind even before you meet.

The Pitfalls of Taking a Job Just for the Money

The Pitfalls of Taking a Job Just for the Money
There are countless reasons professionals change jobs. Maybe they are unhappy with their manager, don’t like the commute, are looking for a more positive company culture, are seeking career growth or want to make more money. Things get tricky when the money trumps everything else – when candidates have dollar signs in their eyes and overlook potential pitfalls. Here are three big reasons why taking a job just for the money is usually a bad idea.

Searching for a job? Don't underestimate the power of a thank you note

The Power of a Thank You Note Post Interview
You made a great first impression at your job interview. But, how do you leave lasting one, too? A thank you note! This small follow-up gesture can have a big effect on your job candidacy. But, the details can be confusing - when, how long, email, paper, both? I’ve crafted and reviewed hundreds of professional thank you notes and compiled a list of the details that matter most.

Why Job Seekers Should Work with WinterWyman Search

Your Job Search and WinterWyman

Meet Carrie-Anne McGrath, Kurt Jones, and Rob Byron, three of WinterWyman's top recruiters! Learn how WinterWyman gives our candidates a clear advantage when it comes to finding their next great career opportunity.

Five Reasons Recruiters Don’t Call You Back

Five Reasons Recruiters Don’t Call You Back
As a recruiter, I talk with candidates daily about the frustrations they experience during their job searches. One of the biggest complaints? “Why don’t recruiters call me back?” While we always strive to respond to the calls and emails we receive, the volume can be overwhelming; even one error can move you off the call back pile. Consider these reasons and learn how to improve your odds for getting a response.


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