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Interviewing tips for job seekers

How Your Social Profile Can Help You Get a Job

How Your Social Profile Can Help You Get a Job
In college, your social media community is mostly that – social. As you transition to your professional life, your social media presence needs to transition as well. It's not necessary to delete or hide your entire social media persona; employers want to see you are a person with hobbies and non-work related interests, too. Just use good judgment and be proactive about what you post, and you'll make a positive impression in an interviewer's mind even before you meet.

Searching for a job? Don't underestimate the power of a thank you note

The Power of a Thank You Note Post Interview
You made a great first impression at your job interview. But, how do you leave lasting one, too? A thank you note! This small follow-up gesture can have a big effect on your job candidacy. But, the details can be confusing - when, how long, email, paper, both? I’ve crafted and reviewed hundreds of professional thank you notes and compiled a list of the details that matter most.

How to Work with a Recruiter

I have been in your shoes. I was unemployed, looking to build my experience and pad my wallet while searching for a permanent role. I was lucky to have a recruiter whom I could trust, and we had a very successful relationship. If you are looking to engage a recruiter to help you with your job search, follow these three tips to make the most of your relationship.

The Benefits of Informational Interviews for Recent and Soon-to-be College Grads

As a recent college graduate, I’ve learned not all interviews for entry-level positions need to be fraught with anxiety. Informational interviews - conversations with professionals in the fields and functions in which you’re interested - can be valuable resources for college students and fresh grads starting down a professional career path. Here are some of the perks of seeking information, rather than immediate employment.

Ten Words to Avoid During a Job Interview

Can you really ruin a job interview by saying one wrong word? Possibly! Avoid these off-putting terms and wow your potential new boss along the way.

10 Powerful Job Search Tips for the Seasoned Professional

Looking for employment at any age can present unique challenges. If you are a seasoned professional, you may be competing with contenders who have fresher skills, or you could come across age biases in the marketplace. Follow these 10 tips to overcome potential hurdles and give yourself a competitive advantage when looking for meaningful work.

Job Interview Language – What to Say and What to Avoid

The language you use to demonstrate your experience, expertise and career goals during an interview can make the difference between getting the offer or hearing “no thanks.” Follow these guidelines to note words to use and words to avoid during your job interview.

Unexpected Tips for Mastering the Job Interview

As a job seeker, it’s exciting to be selected to interview for a coveted position. You extensively research the company, formulate insightful questions and secure stellar references. But are these preparations enough to stand-out from the competition and become the candidate of choice? Not really.

Get the 411 Before You Dial In...10 Tips For a Successful Phone Interview

Phone interviews are exactly that - a way for potential employers to screen-out candidates who are not a good fit for the role. Some job seekers miss the mark on the phone interview and lose the chance to make a powerful first impression. Here's how to stay in the running.

Your Interview Questions – Timing and Audience are Everything

Most interviewers will tell you they appreciate candidates coming to a job interview well-prepared with thoughtful and insightful questions. But when you ask your questions, and to whom you address them are as important as the questions themselves. Follow these tips to time your questions wisely, and show your potential employer that you are the right candidate for the job.


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